The time has come to …

keep calm and sparkle on

The time has come to …

The time has come to … come back. 🙂

You will not believe what I have just discovered! I have discovered a way to publish a blog post using a WordPress app for iPhone. I know, it was probably here for, like … since forever, but I just discovered it here. And why is this great? This is great because when I wake up in the morning and have my first shot of espresso, I have plenty of ideas I’d like to write down but it takes a whole morning for my graphics workstation to boot.

This way, all it takes to prepare a draft post for my beloved is to start an app on my iPhone and I’m ready. Instantly!! Woo-hoo!

Anyways, gotta run now. I am excited and would write much more about everything but gotta go.

Of course, I will continue to create stuff and offer it on my Etsy shop but somehow I feel enthusiastic about reviving as well.

Ok. That’s it for now. Feeling excited! Talk soon!

Love you all!


P.S. Featured image is made using Gold Glitter Frame Clipart 🙂 (also available on Etsy)


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