Mayan Calendar Pictograms [EPS] – And Some Thoughts On Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

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Mayan Calendar Pictograms [EPS] – And Some Thoughts On Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Gee, am I fast or what? It didn’t even pass 11 months and I am already out with a new blog post!

Well, what can I say, we live in fast times, things happen and change quickly, competition is big, you just have to keep the pace 🙂

Anyways, my dear visitors, readers, I don’t know how much you know about Mayan calendar, I surely don’t know much, but what I can do for you, I can make you some pictograms and offer them as a free download here on my blog/web shop and, well, I guess the Mayan Gods will appreciate the gesture. 🙂 As always, you can use those for your personal or commercial projects, no strings attached. I’m just happy to help.

For those of you who are not too keen to get acquainted with my literal expressions here is the download link:


I hope you will like it.

Also, to make the cover image, I used this background – Free Bokeh Backgrounds from


And now for something completely different. Literal expressions:

I’ve been away for a while. So, you must be dying to find out what have I been up to. No. Of course not. But I will still write a word or two about it.

I have been and am going through some major changes, or should I say – transformations in my life. As we all know, the whole universe is in the process of constant change, so from time to time, it is only natural that changes happen in our lives too. Some of the biggest and most visible changes most of us experience in life is being born. Most of us already went through that. Also, what happens to most of the people who are born, they die. It happened to many already. Scary, I know.

So, these are two main changes most of us did or are yet to experience.

Now, for the changes I’ve been through in the last 11 months – they have nothing to do with being born or dying whatsoever. I did not even move from where I was all this time. No, I have been changing my attitude towards – life. So, in my research related to this topic, I ran into a Mayan calendar. I have spent some time reading about it and I have learned – nothing. I have no clue what this is all about whatsoever.

Well, now, however, one thing did happen. I am making my first blog post after 11 months. If we keep in mind that this blog is more than 10 years old and that I used to make three blog posts a week at some point, you will agree that 11 months between two blog posts is a substantial amount of time.

On the other hand, some of the physicist claim that time does not exist, that it is an illusion. Maybe. In that case it really does not matter if I make one blog post in a year or in a week, or if I do one on a daily basis. I am just enjoying the fact that I have my own blog, with shop on it where I put my literal and graphical creations and I am free to write as much as I want on the topics of my own choice. If you have a blog too, I can recommend – writing. Try and write something on it. It may be fun. For you and maybe the visitor who comes by and takes the time and the effort to read it.

Finally, if you did read this far, I congratulate you! As a small act of appreciation for your effort, send me a message that you have read this and you have a friend forever.  I am saying this because I am quite confident that no one will read this. But that’s normal and that’s life too.

That’s it for today. I overdid it already.

Love you all!




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