Day Eleven – The Art Of Letting Go

Day Eleven - The Art Of Letting Go
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Day Eleven – The Art Of Letting Go

Good times are sneaking in. Can you sense it? In the air? The changes? Yep. Can’t avoid them even if you want to.

Do you, sometimes, have the feeling that events and circumstances are just, like, doing their thing no matter what you do? Regardless to your efforts, energy you put in?

It’s a bit frustrating. But also relaxing at the same time. At first it’s frustrating because you feel you’re not in control and then it’s relaxing, well, because you’re not in control anyway.

Let me give you an example. I am sure at least some of will be familiar with the following “scenario”.

You work hard. Right? You really, really, work hard, night and day, for months, even years, towards some goal. You spend time, energy, even money. And no matter how hard you try, how much effort you put in – nothing happens. No results. Or close to none. Or “not worth mentioning” kind of results.

And then, at some point, you can’t take the frustration and disappointment any more and you just give it up.

But here is, what I believe to the secret ingredient of a good way to give up. You don’t give up feeling angry or frustrated or unhappy. You give up feeling you’re good the way things are. So, you’re kind of contempt with the situation. You stop fighting it. Resisting it. You make peace with it.

And then, not always but often – it happens. The change you wanted to see just starts to unfold right there, in front of your eyes. And you can’t believe it. You worked so hard for it and all you had to do is find peace with your circumstances no matter what they are.

Yep. It’s weird. But it happens.

Day Eleven - The Art Of Letting Go

Events, circumstances you wanted to see so badly, they start showing up. And you didn’t even do anything special. You just gave up trying so hard to change them.

So, what I’m saying is, sometimes, if you feel you tried hard enough for long enough, sometimes the secret is – let it go. Whatever that is you’re fighting for or fighting against – let it go and observe what happens.

Ok. These were some thoughts for the sleepless night. I hope you had a good night sleep (unlike me) and that the day ahead will bring you a whole bunch of beautiful events. For myself, for sure, I will quit trying, I will take rest, I will let go, relax and see what happens.

Love you all,


P.S. Graphic used in this post is made using 3 bokeh backgrounds from Bokeh Overlays Pack and lights on strings transparent PNG file from Lights on Strings Clip Art

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