Day Six – On Happiness, Nostalgia And Vintage Designs

Vintage Watercolor Paper Pack
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Day Six – On Happiness, Nostalgia And Vintage Designs

Good old times are now.

– someone once said. And I could not agree more. Yes, good old times are right now. And once, we will look back at these days thinking: “Gosh, those were good days.” Even if you don’t feel like you are having a time of your life right now, believe me – you are.

But, we are human beings and we can’t help ourselves, it’s enough to take a look at some old photo from our childhood and we are immediately swept by the wave of nostalgia. We look away from our present back into the past.

But that’s not all, we enjoy old timers, art-deco, 50’s wallpaper patterns, things that were modern back in our grand and grand-grandparents times and we can’t help thinking how these were some “better days”.

Maybe. And maybe not. Whatever the case may be, I have to admit, sometimes I am even nostalgic about the times that were happening before I was even born.

And that’s the case for many of us. So, that’s why, in design, any kind of design, we have the word “vintage”. Vintage sweeps us with good, positive, “motherly” vibes whether it’s furniture, wallpaper design, patterns, posters… I love vintage. Arouses the feeling of “good old times”.

So, what better way to honor vintage and add to that “warm and fuzzy feeling” but to prepare some vintage designs? To create a context for something someone (maybe you?) will use to build on with their own thoughts use for all kinds of different applications, purposes?

And this is why I’m happy to present you with something I created just for that purpose – Vintage Watercolor Paper Pack.

What’s my excuse to escape back to vintage? I’ll tell you. Yes, as much as it is true that good old times are now, sometimes it is in the now that I want to enjoy the feelings of the past. 🙂

And that’s about it.

Vintage Watercolor Paper Pack

Well, enough about the past, our present might get offended if we ignore it too much. And our present is very precious 🙂 So, use the feelings of “vintage” to enrich you present and get ready to enjoy your future because it starts… 3… 2… 1… now! 😀

Love you all,



For more of my visual creations visit FiveCatsGraphics. I hope you will like them. I do 🙂 Not all I do is good, but when I do something good I put it there.

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