Watercolor Floral Backgrounds and Possibilities

Watercolor Floral Backgrounds and Possibilities

I recently made some watercolor floral backgrounds and the central part of the design (as usual) is left for anyone to explore, to fill in.

Endless options. It is totally up to us how are going to fill in the blank, white space. In the same way, days come before us, waiting for us to tell them how are they going to be. What will they look like.

It’s not necessarily our actions or events we witness that determine the shapes and colors of our days. It’s how we feel about these events, or actions. It’s what we focus on. It’s the mental background in our heads that determines direction in which our day will go.

So, that’s one of the reason I enjoy making backgrounds, like this watercolor floral backgrounds for instance. These visual creations bring the initial, positive feel, undertone on which we are going to paint or write our thoughts, feelings, emotions.

I hope you will enjoy them and find them inspiring and inviting as much as I do.

Watercolor Floral Backgrounds and Possibilities

Having said that, let me end this little blog post by wishing you a beautiful day filled with inspired thoughts and actions. Be mindful. Above all – choose your thoughts carefully and everything else will certainly follow. No worries. Just smile.