“Oh, this is the perfect espresso, a perfect way to start a perfect day.”

The thought occurred to me just now when I was preparing my first morning espresso.

But how do I know what perfect espresso tastes like? Because I tried many. I tried many and many of them were lousy espressos. So, is it necessary to experience a whole bunch of lousy espressos to be “qualified” to proclaim some espresso perfect? I’m afraid so.

Same goes for almost everything in our lives. Not everything, but many things. For instance, you don’t have to be sick to know that being healthy is good. But once you recover from sickness you won’t think that being healthy is good, you’ll think that being healthy is awesome!

You’ll enjoy every moment of it. Until you get used to it. That’s human nature.

So, appreciation is a skill

And just like any other skill, it needs to be practiced. The more we practice it, the better we get at it. The better we get at it, the more we enjoy our time here on earth.

So, on this Friday, I invite you to appreciate, well, the fact that it’s Friday and that very soon the weekend will begin. Appreciate the time you have at hand, use it for what you enjoy doing the most – be creative, observe.

Yes. We do need to observe to be inspired. And once we’re inspired we become creative.

You probably saw (observed) images of our Galaxy taken by the space telescope Hubble. That’s inspiring – isn’t it?

These images inspired me to prepare these Galaxy Backgrounds. Looking at the stars at night can amaze and show us how magnificent the world we live in is. I am sure you enjoy looking at stars as much as I do.

Day Five - On Stars, Galaxies And The Perfect Espresso

So, having said that, enjoy this Friday, enjoy what you do, enjoy your coffee in the morning. Be amazed by looking at the stars at night and practice appreciation at all times.

Love you all,