Day Seven – On Sunday Mornings And Friday Afternoons

Day Seven - On Sunday Mornings And Friday Afternoons

Day Seven – On Sunday Mornings And Friday Afternoons

Everyone knows this song. If you still don’t, well, here it is:

There is really something special, particularly “easy” about Sunday mornings, especially if you did not have “rough Saturday night” 🙂

“I wish every morning would be Sunday morning. Every. Especially Monday morning.”

Yep. That would be nice – wouldn’t it?

Let me tell you a secret. No matter how cool Sunday mornings are, nothing feels as good as Friday afternoons. If I was to produce some “mood improvement” substances, I’d call them “Friday Afternoons” 🙂

“Wanna take a Friday Afternoon?”

“Sure, I love Friday Afternoons.”

“Everybody loves Friday Afternoons!”

Smile, look at the camera.

And if you’re working nine to five, you’ll know what I mean.

So, what’s so special about Friday afternoons? (For those of you who still don’t get it.)

Day Seven - On Sunday Mornings And Friday Afternoons

Two things:

First, not just that the working day is over, but also working week is over, you can look back and say “It’s past.”

And second, you don’t have just one, but two days ahead of you. Two days all for yourself and the people you want to spend time with. So, you’ve got something to look forward to.

And we, human beings, we are like that, most of the time, in order to enjoy our “now” we need something to look forward to, as if “now” is never enough.

I know, it should be, but enjoying the “now” is a skill, it’s practice. It’s like learning French. It seems impossible and yet you’ve seen some people done it.

However, if you can’t enjoy now for what it is, you can always enjoy the thought of knowing that the Friday morning is inevitably coming. No matter what day it is. It’s coming. There is nothing special you need to do about it. Just be patient. It will come.

Meanwhile, you may as well enjoy the show while you’re waiting. (And learn French :))

Ok. I think that’s enough for one Sunday morning. It’s day seven and let’s all just take a good rest.

Enjoy it!



This blog post wasn’t really much about graphics. It was more about days in the week. Anyway, if you liked the font I used in the header of this blog, I got it right here. (it’s free)

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