Day Ten – Expect The Unexpected (Reflections)

Watercolor Floral Backgrounds
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Day Ten – Expect The Unexpected (Reflections)

So, did it work for you? Did something unexpected happen to you yesterday?

(Except for the free download of “Expect the unexpected” desktop wallpaper September calendar, that is?)

To my surprise, it did work for me. I mean, nothing life-changing, but there were three unexpected events, two of them related to old friends from whom I havent heard for quite a while. Yesterday, they unexpectedly reached out for me, got in touch. So, yes. Yesteday had it’s nice, unexpected moments.

And the third one, you know how I complained the other day, how everyone is getting just free downloads from my GreenBulbGang.Com web site and nobody is buying anything? And how I’m totally losing money paying for hosting and time maintaining it? Well, someone actually bought something yesterday! How about that?!

So, a big shoutout to you, you kind human being, big thank you for your purchase! It is a rare but precious event when it comes to GreenBulbGang.Com and I am sure you will enjoy your download because they are all good quality downloads I made with love, who only suffer from lack of marketing. That’s all.

And today is another day. It comes with it’s own potential of “unexpected” events happening. So, I am sure they will come. I am quite sure.

Watercolor Floral Backgrounds

Meanwhile, I will present you yet another cool background (made with watercolors) free lite version is right here but the big one, commercial version can be purchased here and the price is €3.31.

Ok. That’s it, I think. For now. Rinse and repeat your expectations today as more fine unexpected events are about to happen. I can see them impatiently waiting already. Few of them. Scattered throughout the day ahead.

So, my dear reader (yes I know there is at least one of you), let the unexpected events come your way today, enjoy what’s about to happen even before it takes place and, well spread love and smile wherever you go.



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