Domain name and web server change

Domain name and web server change
Announcements5 Comments on Domain name and web server change

Domain name and web server change

Domain name and web server change
Domain name and web server change

Today’s news are: I bought the domain name: and I hosted it at (all of my domains are hosted there).

Now I’m thinking about possible problems before my DNS is activated:

  • what’s going to happen’ to all the links to specific pages from my blogs and other web sites?
  • how do I retain my visitors?
  • should I consider running my blog on blogger parralel to my new site at the same time for a while?
  • do I have to change my blog design and improve it?

I really don’t know what will happen after I transfer my blog to new domain… and I’m kinda’ afraid of the whole procedure!

When I started this blog I didn’t dream that I will have 2000+ visitors daily after only 5 months… and I didn’t consider any other domain name or web hosting but this one at…

As I juggle various tasks, including serving as backup for my friend, managing this web server transition, crafting new free Photoshop brushes, and tackling numerous other responsibilities, I invite you to explore my photography web to catch up on all the latest happenings!

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5 thoughts on “Domain name and web server change

  1. recently i switched form one space to another , it was quite easy as you can export all the posts form one and save a file , which is uploaded to the other servers wordpress. if you need further help let me know 🙂

  2. cant do much about it as blogger comes in between 🙁 that is why i started blogger account and realized that it is not convenient in the long run. neway i would suggest putting a redirect , i think you can do it from the domain provider there is an option to forward , also chk with your hosting provider .

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