Floral Shapes, Unique Fabric Design and Creativity

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Floral Shapes, Unique Fabric Design and Creativity

Hello to all you creative minds!

Today, I wanted tell you about one great idea! It is all about being creative, making some great presents and even some money at the same time.

So, here it is:

Some three days ago, I was wandering around the Internet when I stumbled upon Spoonflower web site. Spoonflower offers creative people possibility to have their own designs on fabric for pillows, clothes, table clothes, bags… and many other things.

Creating unique fabric design with Spoonflower is easy: make your own pattern, upload it to their web site, choose your preferred fabric size, make an order and wait. The fabric with your own unique design should be printed and shipped within 3 weeks.

Right now, they are in beta mode: that means that you can register and create an account only by invitation. But I managed, so there should be no problem at all.

If you know how to sew or make any clothes – you can use this to make some great and unique Christmas presents, or even sell some of your unique stuff! But if you don’t know, don’t worry – you can find some basics on the topic at Instructables.com and if you want to sew using sewing machine you can try this tips: How to Sew, using sewing machine.

One thing is for sure: Spoonflower offers you a great way to express yourself! And here it is my pattern sample:
Fabric design

Here, I used Floral Vector set. These were used to create the pattern that’s applied to fabric, so, my final product will be in 2 yards size (42×72 inch). Out of this fabric I will make pillow covers!

So, feel free to use some of my Photoshop brushes or vector sets to help you out in your new fabric designs!

That’s it for today!
Have fun creating!

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