Using Vectors to Make Decals (the Nikki Way)

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Using Vectors to Make Decals (the Nikki Way)

In my last post I showed you how Mojca (or should I say – Irska) used Photoshop brushes in her latest Scrapbook projects.

Now is the time to talk about vectors. Actually, I owe a huge apology to vectors. They have been sooo neglected on my blog that I just can’t believe that I did that! That was wrong, wrong – WRONG!


Because, vectors are extremely useful in so many different ways. Let’s just mention some of them:

1. You can stretch them, skew them, enlarge or scale them down as much as you want and you will never, NEVER lose any quality.

2. And if you are in hurry or inspiration just won’t land on your shoulder, a pre-made vector is the best place to start. Load them into your favorite vector software, adjust them to fit your needs and – voila! You get what you needed in no time!

Nikki is one of many graphic designers who knows all about advantages that vectors offer. And, I was so happy, the other day, when I got her email. She wanted to show me how she used 30 Floral vector set to create car decal.

Now, here is what she said:

I found a couple of pieces (graphic design elements) and mixed them together, gave them a bend here and there to fit the contours of the car and came up with a new design for her.

I have attached a couple of pics of her car and hope to do more using your images.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and the use of your products commercially… they have helped me in so many ways…

Nikki x

In this photo you can see how Nikki used 30 Floral vector set to make her client happy. And she made it 🙂

Decal by Nikki

Thank you for your email Nikki, and all the kind words. I am always happy to see how designers like you benefit from my design elements and emails like yours always make my day.

Keep on doing to good work!

A word or two on

30 Floral vector set


Floral Shapes vector set consists of, well, 30 beautiful Floral Shapes that you can use in your commercial projects, in other words, they are beautiful, easy to use and applicable to, well, just about anything. Up there you saw how they were applicable to a car. No reason why wouldn’t they look good on a byke, or mug, or scrapbook, or a wedding invitation after all.

Advantages of vectors are pretty know to everyone by now, so need to repeat how valuable they really are.

To make things even better, these come with Commercial license. So you too, like Nikki, and many other designers, can use them in your commercial projects.

The package contains 30 Floral Shapes in following vector formats:

  1. .ai (vector format for Adobe Illustrator 8 onwards)
  2. .ai (of course Adobe Illustrator brush, all CS versions)
  3. .eps format
  4. .cdr (Corel 8.0 up to X5)

And a special, bitmap bonus:

  1. .psd (Photoshop 7.0 up to all CS versions)
  2. .png (so you can easily use them in any photo editing software)
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Ok. That’s all for today. I hope you discovered something new in this post. Maybe got an idea or two and I will be back in a day or two with some new super cool stuff.

Love ya’ all, take care!



P.S.: While you’re browsing, take a moment to see the creative applications of these Floral vectors: Photo Decoration, Unique Fabric Design, and Bookmark creation! Additionally, feel free to explore my Etsy shop for more inspiration and unique finds.

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  1. Is it a secret where Nikki got her decal papers from. I have only been able to source A3 largest size?
    The design looks beautiful on the car, I would like to do this to my own car.

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