Irska’s Scrapbook


Irska’s Scrapbook

And another great work by my dear friend Mojca.

Now, why did I call this post Irska’s Scrapbook when author’s name is Mojca?

First, you should know that Ireland, in Slovenian language, is Irska.

So, you guessed, Mojca must be… Irish.

Not! 🙂

Mojca is Slovenian. Now, why did I call her Irska then, I hear you ask?

Because, she likes Ireland so much that Irska became her nickname.

Just today I got her email with her latest scrapbook challenge submission on ScrapbookFlair.Com. Theme was “Your front window.”

And voila! I just had to share it with you!

Irska's Scrapbook

As a light decoration on the blue background, Irska used one of the Photoshop brushes provided here for free – Fantasy birds Photoshop Brushes (sketched here).

and created this cool scrapbook challenge submission on themed “Your front window” 🙂

Thank you Mojca for sharing this with us! Great work – as always!

I hope you will take part in our Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition.

OK. Gang, gotta run now. I hope you are enjoying all of the new PS brushes, vectors and other stuff posted here.

And share your work with us!


P.S. Perhaps you’d be interested in exploring The Flying Pigs of Happiness Photoshop Brushes or the Playful Flowers Photoshop Brushes Set? These sets are available right here and free to download, so feel free to check them out!

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