The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes

The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes
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The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes

I got  “The Pig of Happiness” mug by Edward Monkton from my sister some time ago. She brought it from her trip to London and… it instantly became my favorite mug (who doesn’t have one). It says: “May his JOYFUL SMILE remind us how much there is to be HAPPY about”

So, inspired by this totally cool “making me smile” mug, I made my own version of Happy Pigs. I gave them wings and made them fly, so now they’re called

The Flying Pigs of Happiness

and I turned them into

Photoshop brushes

And I dedicated that brush to all my loving visitors!

These 8 flying piggies will be available as .abr and .png files and I hope you will have fun using them as a decoration for your designs! I know I had fun creating them!

So, here they are 8 flying piggies, I hope they will put a smile on your face :

Colored version

Flying piggies – monochrome version


So, here’s the FREE download:

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out on our Summer 2010 Competition Page and take part in it!

Enjoy the day, love you all.



Do you have your favorite mug? Where (and who) did you get if from? What does it look like? Leave a comment, it would be great to hear from you. And check out the Playful Flowers Photoshop Brushes, they are also hand-drawn and free to use!

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