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Happy Holidays (Photomasks): Free Photoshop Brushes Set and Free Background + FESTIVUS

_____________ Don’t just just LOVE January?!?! Don’t you just feel like partying and having a great time in right now?!? No? I didn’t think so. And it is not fair. January is well known for after holidays depression. But this is one of the misconception or should I say – misperception of January that needs […]

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Say “Thank You!” With This Free Printable Thank You Card

Sometimes it is hard to find the right way to say “Thank you!” And all of us have at least someone in our lives who deserves to be thanked. And I’m not talking about just a casual “Thanks” when someone holds the door for us. I am not, necessarily, talking about our parents, family of […]

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The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes

I got  “The Pig of Happiness” mug by Edward Monkton from my sister some time ago. She brought it from her trip to London and… it instantly became my favorite mug (who doesn’t have one). It says: “May his JOYFUL SMILE remind us how much there is to be HAPPY about” So, inspired by this […]

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Using Thursday’s Texture – The Gordeeeee Way

Ciao amici! (Now you know how to say “Hi, friends!” in Italian. That’s just in case you plan to visit Italy this summer 😉 ) So! As always, today again it is a great pleasure for me to announce yet another great graphic by our, already well known friend – Gordeeeee! Here is what Gordeee […]

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Thursday Texture is back again!

Gang, It’s Thursday and today I bring you HiRes textures again. Whether it be for your scrap booking needs, or you are preparing some graphic design project it is always good to have some HiRes textures handy, because you never know when will they fit in, just perfectly, into your project. Besides, I received such […]

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Halloween Backgrounds – The Return of… well, Backgrounds

The movie trailer narrator deep voice: “Once upon a time. In a place. There were backgrounds. Scaaarrry backgrounds. There were 5 of them.  One would be afraid just looking at them. Parents would hide their children in front of them. But those were righteous backgrounds and only bad people had reason to be afraid. And […]

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Photoshop Floral doodle brushes

One last post from our old apartment. That really makes me happy! I work at nights here because day’s here are… un-inspiring – least to say. Can’t wait to sit on the huge terrace of our new apartment on the top of the building. Too bad the winter is coming so the joy will not […]

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