bookmarkA few weeks ago, my sister got Seth Godin’s book “Small is the new big”. And naturally, she borrowed it to Darijan, because Seth Godin is his favorite author.

Somehow I started to read this book before him and after 15 minutes I got so many new ideas! It was amazing! This book is soo inspirational and encouraging for new enterprenuers! Of course, all ideas are worthless without the carrying them out in real life… but that’s another story. This one is about the bookmark.

The bookmark that came with the book was just a commercial for a car. It looked cheap. Somehow I felt I should make my own bookmark for this book. It’s only few minutes of work after all. OK. Maybe 20 minutes. Make It 25. 🙂

And here it is! I know, bookmark is just a little detail and should not matter much, but, doesn’t life consist of small little details like this?

So, you’re welcome to download this bookmark. It was created with the latest Floral Vector set. Cut it out, fold it, glue it and – voila! You might add your own details of course to make it more personal.

Size: 1.35″x6.2″ at 300ppi (hi-res for printing purposes).