Goodbye 2019!

Goodbye 2019.!

Goodbye 2019!

Yep, three months since I wrote something on my blog. 2019 hasn’t been easy on me. I hope it was good for you guys. Well, you know as they say “Nothing lasts forever”, right? Thanks God!

So, well, all in all, I did not want to just let it go without saying “Goodbye!” first. My good old blog (I am running it since 2007 after all) deserved a fresh post before the end of this year.

Goodbye 2019.!

And here it is. Most of my greenbulbgang web site destroyed by cowardly hack-attack, but good old Graphics-Illustrations.Com is still standing, shoulder to should with and other sites like, etc…

So, in hopes that 2019 treated you well I am wishing you guys a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Stay happy, keep your heads up, keep walking and never forget, it is not about how many times you got kicked down, it’s about how many times you get up again.

Love you all,

I case you were wondering, the image I created for this blog post was done with a little help from Purple and Gold Confetti Overlays

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