First Blog Post In 2020 – Of A Lifetime of Writing, Photos and Photo Overlays

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First Blog Post In 2020 – Of A Lifetime of Writing, Photos and Photo Overlays

Guys, I’m gonna be honest with you. Like I always am.

I was getting ready to make a post on this, well, a lifelong old blog for quite some time.I just couldn’t, well, I just couldn’t find that something in me, muses would not visit. I felt I got nothing to say really.

But then I see, every now and then someone visits and buys something from this site. It’s no money, I know. It does not even cover the cost of hosting the site. No, it’s not money. It’s more than this.

Let me try to explain…

I’ve been through some tough time. Consequently, I’ve been neglecting my blog for so long, I was sure the number of visits, as well as sales, will evetually go down to 0 visits a month.

But, oh boy was I wrong. It still refuses to die. People are still visiting. I am far from 4500-5000 visits a day as it was the case back in the old days. Far from it. But, I am still at 35-50 visits a day and sales are still here.

So I figured, well, it’s wrong to keep it neglected. It has been faithful to me for, as I said, a lifetime. In Internet terms, 13 years is a lifetime and the least I can do is write the first 2020 blog post in March.

So, I figured, what to heck, with or without muses, I have to, well, write at least a word. Last time I wrote it was to say goodbye to 2019. 2019 is long gone now. They even came up with a new epidemic in the meantime for Christ’s sake.

So, I came up with a new product, thank you. After a while as well. The name is Glitter Bokeh Overlays, Photoshop Overlays.

I mentioned, a while ago, I moved to live in Luxembourg. Now I live in Germany and I focused on photography more. So, as a active commercial photographer, I do know what a glitter bokeh overlay should look like and, moreover, I can make myself one. And for sales as well.

The image below is from one of my photo-shoots and the bokeh is, well, this one.

Glitter Bokeh Overlays, Photoshop Overlays, JPGs

Package includes: 20 JPG files in size 5616×3744 px at 300 dpi (18,7″x12,5″): 10 gold glitter bokeh and 10 light blue glitter bokeh overlays for photos. And I packed it with other 515 photo overlays in one Photo Overlays Big Bundle!

Glitter Bokeh Overlays, Photoshop Overlays, JPGs

Step into a world of sparkle and soft focus with our Glitter Bokeh Overlays, a shining star within the galaxy of the Photo Overlays Big Bundle, exclusively curated for you in the FiveCatsGraphic Shop on Etsy. This bundle isn’t just big; it’s a colossal collection of 535 photo overlays, each offering a unique brushstroke to paint your world with light and color, all at a price that’s as friendly as a wink.

So, well, I guess that’s it for this blog post. I want to thank you for reading this, wherever and whoever you are. You are the only reason this blog is still alive and I thank you for that. If you are reading this.

I hope someone will read this.

Well, even if not, I got it off my chest. Feeling much better now. I hope you are having a great day/night/time.

Love and hugs,


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