New Blog Post After Six Months

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New Blog Post After Six Months

Hey guys! Yes, six months have passed and it was about a time to make a new blog post. Otherwise, someone might think that I passed away or something.

But no. Not yet. Let’s say that I was not inspired. Been busy with my photo freelance activities, too.. But, not just that, I have been busy with putting my stuff for sale on Design Bundles as well.

Here is some of the stuff I sell there. Design Bundles was good to me so far and I figured it is also a good place to go for usual designer goodies.

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Other than that, well, I moved from Luxembourg to Germany. I live in a small German town Trier which is very close to Luxembourg border so it is a good location to run a small photo-freelance-gig-thing. Occasionally.

Summer’s gone. Been back to Croatia for a couple of weeks and, well, it was great. For sure. Beautiful country. Especially the coast. Highly recommended.

Bad thing about Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and that part of Europe is the weather. Summer was fine, but once September knocks on the door, you better enjoy every sunny day, every last one of them because next time you’ll see it – it will be in March or so. OK. I am exaggerating a bit. But just a bit.

Other than that, I don’t know. I could share some of the photos from my recent photo shoots. More of them can be found on my photo portfolio

Real estate photography
Real estate photography
Real estate photography

OK. I guess that will be it for now. If you’d like to talk please comment below, share your thoughts, I don’t know – let’s talk.

Other than that, I can not promise, but I will try to make a new blog post soon. It will be probably about my beloved Poofah or how it is to live in Germany.

[@catsmagazine is my Instagram account]

Until then, stay well, spread love and have fun creating!



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