Finally A New Blog Post

Finally A New Blog Post

Finally A New Blog Post

I don’t even dare to check when was the last time I wrote something in my favorite blog. And the only. There were a couple of more, but it is all dead now. Just this one remained. And I intend to keep it. For emotional reasons. For the good old times.

Well, another New Year is here. Yet another one. Should we be thrilled? Impressed? It depends of how many New Years you’ve seen so far. I’ve seen too many of them, so, well, nothing really new for me. I guess people are so desperate for change, for the better, that they somehow believe that the New Year is a kind of new beginning. When, as a matter of fact, every morning that we wake up is a new beginning.

Anyways, I feel so relieved to finally write at least something. I owe it to that little peace of “cyber space” of mine.

Otherwise, well, after moving from Luxembourg to Germany my photo endeavor kinda took off. Although, I still did not reach the highs where I could make enough for living just with that. I am getting there, though. I am shooting real estate photography, business photography and as of recently I am also shooting business videos. And editing. And, well, everything. One woman team. Can’t say it goes without problems. Sure there are small little annoyances coming out every now and then just to remind me that they do exist and that I am not given a slack.

Am I used to them? I’m afraid not. I should be, I know, but I am afraid I am not used to them and will never get used to them. I’d like to but I can’t.

Other than that, well, I did publish another digital pack on my Etsy store recently. Another thing that I am doing for a long time.

Plans? Did anyone mentioned plans? OK. Buying a drone. And buying equipment for 360 degrees photos, all for real estate. That´s the plan. We’ll see how it goes. One has to have a plan at least, right? Action? Yes, sure, sure. As soon as I finish the video I am doing right now for one company. I may even post this video here.

So, well, I know, the name of this domain is and I am not even touching the topic. I don’t know. When I started this blog back in 2007 I was all about graphics and illustrations. However, as life moved on so did the things I do – change. I am writing more and more about life and the universe and less and less about graphics and illustrations. Although, well, again, I do still make graphics and illustrations from time to time and I put them on the shelves of my Etsy store.

OK. Church bells are ringing, it’s 7:30 in the morning, it’s almost as they’re saying “Enough of you already.” 🙂

Anyways, I am glad I finally made my first post in “New” 2021. I am wishing you all the best, guys, whoever is reading this if anyone will be reading this, take care, do what you love and make the best of it.



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