Happiness: Free Font and Colorful Confetti Overlays

Colorful Confetti Overlays
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Happiness: Free Font and Colorful Confetti Overlays

Colorful Confetti Overlays

I made 14 transparent PNG files, all of them are 3600×3600 pixels size at 300 dpi. And I named them “Colorful Confetti Overlays“. These can be used as they are, but hey, this is not the only way to use them!

A Neat Trick

Here are some samples I made using 3 Photoshop layers. Each layer contained one of the PNG files from that free pack.

So, just by using different layer blending modes in Photoshop – linear dodge, color dodge, hard light and other we can get dozens and maybe even hundreds differently looking images. Here below I am showing just four of them.

If you like the font on the images below – I used free West Side Font from Pixelo!

Colorful Confetti Overlays
Colorful Confetti Overlays

So, well, I thought these are cool and, as always, I hope you will find them cool too. You can get Confetti PNG’s from the Premium content area.

Colorful Confetti Overlays, The Background Story

And here is a little background information on what’s going on and why these visuals. Well, as some of you know, the recent period has been kinda a tough for me for various reasons, but I’m struggling. Trying to focus and give energy to things I’d like to attract. Hence the word Happiness.

In my new life in Luxembourg I took some photos and cat-sitting gigs, sell here and there some of my visual design helpers on my Etsy powered FiveCatsGraphics Shop so it’s not like nothing awesome is going on.

If you are going through difficult times in your life, all I can say is, focus your thoughts on good things, emotions, events even if you can’t find many – invent them. And create something.

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Download and Have Fun

Download the PNG’s, download the fonts and play with layer blending, see how many different colors and variations you can get, put some other wording there, make it your desktop wallpaper or print it out and stick it to your wall. Or even better, make it a gift for someone. Put it on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Things we do ourselves, creations which are product of our imagination are always something special. For us and those who know us and love us.

I love you all.


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