Back Again

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Back Again

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Yep. It’s been a while. And a lot has been happening since the last time I made a blog post on

Especially since the last “crash” I’ve been through.

But you can’t just lie down in pieces forever, right? At some point we need to pick up our bits and pieces, get up and keep going.

Especially when you realize that no cavalry is coming to save you and that life is nothing like movies at all.

There has been some painful stuff of which I am not going to talk about. Let’s just say that there was a painful “Goodbye!”, one of those you never want to say.

I guess that too contributed to not writing for a while.

But I’ve been through too much, running this blog since 2007., no way I’m gonna give up on in it now. No way.

So, what else happened in the meantime?

Well, someone saved me with a huge purchase on my Etsy Five Cats Graphics shop last month. It wasn’t so much of a financial importance as much as it meant to me from a self-valuation point if view. You know who you are and I thank you a lot.

I am not stopping now. But I did manage to get some photo-shooting gigs in the meantime and that slowed me down in my regular updates and add-ons to my visual design portfolio as well.

All in all, here comes a little something I created as I wanted to say “Hi!” to all five of you following my blog.

I made these little flowers in watercolors and this is the first time I am selling an original work and not digital download. The link to the painting is here and the buyer will get it by the post. I hope you will like it and I hope it will find a place in somebody’s home or office.

So, well, I think that’s it fir now. It’s good to be back. Stay well, spread love, have fun and enjoy whatever you do.



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2 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. First all Welcome back, I have missed reading your posts. Second, no link for painting.


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