Paradise - The Mug

How it all started? With a flower. A blue flower that first appeared in my head. Out of nowhere.

Next thing I remember – I was painting it in my favorite technique – watercolor.

Early mornings. Silence of the early mornings. (This means very early :)) And a first sip of a coffee or tea.

That’s what paradise should feel like, isn’t it? A paradise.

Paradise - The Mug

Next think I remember – I was scanning it and making a mug our of it. Cause I’d love to have my fist sip from a mug like this.

Paradise - The Mug

I loved it. You can click on it if you love it too. Because this mug is now a part of my Etsy shop. That’s it. I’ve got nothing else to say.

Sorry … just could not resist. I have a few more words. Why not waking up on the cushion of the same style? Yep! I could make a line “Paradise – by BSILVIA. If you don’t have one – create it” 🙂 So, as you guessed, there is a mug and a cushion (a pillow case actually, you can use it on your favorite cushion).

Paradise by BSILVIA - Premium Pillow Case only