How to make paper Halloween candle shades

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How to make paper Halloween candle shades

Guys, It’s this special Halloween time again and we want to be creative with Photoshop brushes again. So today, I prepared something special:

Paper Halloween candle shades made with Photoshop Brushes!

How to make paper Halloween candle shades

I’m sure you like what you see and you’re all eager to start.

OK. Requirements for this project are as follows:

  1. 3 glass jars
  2. 3 candles
  3. 3 sheets of paper
  4. Cool free downloads with Halloween graphics (that’s where I come in)
  5. transparent adhesive tape
  6. Pre-production checkup personnel (here performed by Poofah and Peeko, please see below)

So, let’s start.
Download the paper shades and print them out on your color printer (click on the image above).

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Then find some glass jars, candles and transparent adhesive tape:

How to make paper Halloween candle shades

But, wait! We need someone to approve the supplies 🙂

How to make paper Halloween candle shades

Here you can see Poofah and Peeko carefully examining the quality of the supplies. It was a tense moment.

OK. Now when it’s all approved we will print out these three images, put the candles into the jars, lit them up and simply wrap up the glass jars around and stick it with a tape.

How to make paper Halloween candle shades

Now, how simple was that!?

By all means, you are encouraged to get the brushes and make something special for this Halloween!

So, get these packages and let your imagination go wild:

* Halloween Photoshop brushes set LITE edition (FREE after joining GBG—>>)

* Swirls 2 Photoshop Brushes set PREMIUM edition! There are, like 59 PS HiQuality brushes in this set, they’re just perfect for Halloween decoration and you can have them for just $9.00!!!

Check them out!

Swirls 2 Photoshop Brushes

Swirls 2 Photoshop Brushes package features:

Swirls 2 Photoshop Brushes

– 36 brushes in set

Outlined Swirls Photoshop Brushes

– 23 brushes in set
– 23 transaprent PNG files

Compatible with Mac (any OS) and PC

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop (7.0 up to CS5 for PC and Mac), Photoshop Elements (up to version 9), PaintShopPro, Paint.NET and pretty much any decent image editing application out there.

Guys, I hope I tickled your imagination at least a little bit.

Note: do not be lazy like me – wash out the jar stickers 🙂 so you can get nicer Halloween lightning!

Have fun creating and have a great HALLOWEEN!

Always yours,


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