Let It Snow

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Let It Snow

I decided a long time ago not to remove all of my Christmas decorations from the house once the season is over. Why? Well, time flies. And it flies fast. Not sure what’s the rush, bit I guess time knows why, so who am I to question this.

Anyways, it seems like the last season was only yesterday and the new one is knocking on the door already. Everybody’s crazy about Black Friday again. I have to admit, I was on the verge of clicking the “Buy Now” button a dozen times today, but then I realized, if I get carried away with all these discounts I will soon be broke. Not that I am in the best financial situation right now and the Black Friday “thingie” could make things even worse for me.

Creating, creating, creating…

So, I try to resist as much as I can and create new stuff instead. So, my old friend who comes to visit me from time to time, her name is Inspiration, came over again and made me create some more. However,  this time, I decided to decorate my work with the work of other artists who offered their work on InkyDeals. I mean, let’s be honest, none of the art came like this out of nowhere, what we are and what we do is the natural outcome of what we saw, heard and experienced in our lives. This is why I encourage other people to use my Photoshop brushes or other design elements that I sell in their own work. I guess, if we join forces, we could almost create as a team and improve each others work this way.

Now, I’m gonna cut the long story short

(which is much easier than cutting the short story long 😉, and I am going to use this opportunity to show you what I did with a hope that you will like it. I believe that most of you will feel the urge to create something for this Holiday season. This is the time when we think about the people we care about and most of us have this great dilemma – what to give to the ones we care about?

Well, the first advice that I have is –  don’t buy

Create something for the ones you love. And the second one is, if the Inspiration doesn’t come and visit you, go ahead and buy some work from other independent artists. Don’t go for big brands or big names. Browse through the various stuff made by people who sell their own creative work and struggle to make a living out of it. This way you will not only get a unique present for the ones you care about, but you will also support the independent artists who are trying to make it in the world of big brands and big companies.

Yes, I am one of them and chances are you are one of them too. These are two things I believe in, creating your own work and supporting independent artists. I know what you are thinking right now. You are thinking that I am writing all this because I am an independent person (don’t know if I am an artist but I do create stuff), but really, this is not the reason. I just love to see independent artists making it through life without selling themselves to big brands and big names.

Btw. I almost moved to Netherlands!

My hubby got a job offer there. So, we’ve spent few days trying to weigh on the options, pros and cons and, finally, we decided not to move. The way things function on this reality we live in, we will never know if we made the right decision simply because we will never know what would be the outcome of the move. So, I hope that the decision was right and, well, who knows, maybe if there will be another opportunity, we may decide to move. Personally, I don’t care much because much of my work is Internet oriented so I can do that from anywhere. For him, well, it is a bit different.

OK. This is not the main topic of my post. The main topic of my post is to show you my latest creations and here they are. I did this with a little help of free samples from Inky Deals, which I used for decorations, down below you will find links to download these decorations and maybe use them for your own work.

Let It Snow Collection from InkyDeals

200+ Design Resources – Illustrations, Patterns and Vector Elements, get them here

Let It Snow Collection from InkyDeals

Download Free sample here

I’ve created some stuff on Redbubble using this collection and named them “Winter Joy”


Winter Joy Mug

Tote Bag

Winter Joy Tote Bag

Women’s Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

Winter Joy Women's Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

Classic T-Shirt

Classic T-Shirt

I hope you will like those or maybe get an inspiration to create something of your own. Whatever the case might be, try to make the best of this Christmas season and by that I mean spending more time with your loved ones and of course, creating as much as your circumstances allow.

Love you all,



If you are interested, you can find more of my staff on Redbubble here.

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