Motivational Postcard Design – Learning From The Nature

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Motivational Postcard Design – Learning From The Nature


I watched the sunflower in my garden this morning. It just grew overnight. And, it made this morning beautiful. Before it started to rain. But then, I looked at it again. Even in rain, it was still beautiful. Despite the rain. The rain could not take away it’s beauty.

Shouldn’t we all learn from that? Shouldn’t we see and learn from the nature? Why do we allow the rainy days to take our beauty away? And when I say beauty, of course, I think of love. Happiness. Beautiful vibrations. When deep inside we are still as beautiful as we were as kids! In the sunny days!

No. Nature IS the ultimate teacher. We should watch and learn from it. And here is what I learned today. Rain can not take away the beauty of the flower. So, I made this shot with Instagram. Instantly 🙂 And wanted to share it with you.

Sunflower On A Rainy Day

I mean, the idea was to prepare a motivational postcard, but the Instagram shots are just not appropriate due to the low resolution of the images. So, I went back in, took my beloved DSLR camera and went back outside to hunt for some great scenes our teacher painted for us outside. This time I hot high-resolution shots appropriate for postcard printing. And here is what I came up with:

Image of motivational postcard, no rain can stop this flower from being beautiful

So, if like the image and would like to make a postcard out of it, feel free to download (just click on it for full size version) it and make a postcard with some of the printing companies. Size of this image is 9in x 6in (approx 23cm x 15cm) at 250dpi.

I hope you liked the post, the message, graphics, images … 🙂

Rain can not take away your beauty. Never forget that.



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