Postcard Printing – How To Raise Funds For Animal Shelter

Postcard Printing - How To Raise Animal Shelter
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Postcard Printing – How To Raise Funds For Animal Shelter

So, when was the last time you’ve sent a postcard to someone? Yeah, I thought so.  Well, maybe it’s time to think about it. Because now it’s easier then ever to make your own postcards, with your own photo, or illustration … your own wordings.

Not so long ago, that was not possible unless your father had a postcard printing company. Postcards were printed in huge editions and were sold on kiosks and post offices.

There used to be times when postcards traveled for weeks from one place to another. It was always from “sunny” this or “sunny” that, or “snowy” this and “snowy” that … and the parents always loved to get postcards from their kids in the summer camp, they’d stick it to the panel, wall or on the fridge with a magnet holder.

Nobody, ok, almost nobody sends postcards any more. Parents get minute-to-minute updates from their kids on Facebook or Twitter. Just a simple mobile phone enables parents to speak to their kids on video too. Not to mention the email.

Now, there is one thing you can’t do with all this “electronic” media! You can’t stick it to your fridge, you can’t stick it on the panel next to phone, or on the mirror in the hall. Nope. Can’t do that.

So, 5 main advantages of the postcards with hand-written messages:

  1. recipients get to see your handwriting which is a part of your personality
  2. you get to see your handwriting and remind yourself on what it looks like
  3. you don’t need electricity to see it
  4. you can look at them without being exposed to EMR (electro-magnetic radiation)
  5. unlike email, it has much less chance to be deleted immediately after reading

I guess I could think of more advantages, but this should be enough.

So, same goes for marketing messages. They will leave much better impression when sent by postcards then by email. Especially if they are cool, nicely designed and interesting to keep. Postcards are always good idea.

For me, of course, again, I will make a postcard which should help raise funds for the dog no-kill shelter I volunteer for.

Postcard Printing - How To Raise Animal Shelter

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