New Photoshop Brushes – Paisley Designs

Paisley Designs - Photoshop Brushes set 75+25
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New Photoshop Brushes – Paisley Designs

I was checking, the other day, some scrap booking and design sites. Just couldn’t help noticing how popular Paisleys are. And for a good reason too! They are beautiful shapes indeed.

If you go to Google images and enter “Paisley Designs” you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m talking about perfect decoration for all kinds of design projects. Like a perfect back-vocals at some music performance. Graphic elements that have a great potential of spicing up any visual design project.

But, we all know how hard it is and time consuming to make such designs, whether it be in CorelDRAW or Illustrator – it’s really tough. Particularly shapes like these. I’d say, it more difficult to make those, then any other design shapes because of so many details that also make them so beautiful.

So, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to have some nice, high-quality Paisley Designs Photoshop brushes?

It surely would!

So, it took me while to make them, it wasn’t easy at all.

But, ladies and gentleman, now they’re done, completed and ready. I proudly present you –

Paisley Designs – Photoshop Brushes set 75+25

Paisley Designs - Photoshop Brushes set 75+25!

As always, these brushes are high-resolution and compatible with Photoshop 7.0 up to Photoshop CS5 (and new versions). They’re here for you to take make new design projects whether it be digiscraps (digital scrapbooking), wedding invitation designs, web design, print design projects, paper towels, wallpapers, tee shirts and… possibilities are endless!

Also, I added one additional feature to them too: You can place smaller ones inside bigger ones (up to three) and create brand new, unique and totally yours new paisley shapes!

So,  for those of you who want to start creating immediately – put your hands on the real thing – here is a FREE version Paisley Designs! Total of 25 Paisley Designs Brushes divided in three sections (75 brushes!) and 25 paisley designs = 100 brushes


paisley Designs Preview

As usual, they come with commercial use license. 

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18 thoughts on “New Photoshop Brushes – Paisley Designs

  1. I love you work!! Thank you!

    You have also been listed on my blog today.


  2. everytime i come i have no money and i just LOVE your work…one day my business will be better and im gonna buy the whole kit…Im addicted to paisleys and have been my whole life!!!!!
    thanks so much for helping out the little folks*LOL*

  3. Leaonna, Jennifer, Kathy thank you all for your comments! Leaonna, if you can’t afford brushes maybe we can work something out. I know how it is to have no money and I’d like to help. Please drop me an email.

  4. Thank you very much for the wonderful samples. I’ve never worked with paisley designs; I’ll give it a try…
    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Silvia!!!

    You ROCK girl and I’ve been hooked on your brushes since purchasing the St. Patrick’s Day set back in March to complete my *Shimmerin’ Shamrocks* scrapkit for St. Patrick’s Day, of course!!!

    I am SO happy to see you soaring to the top and being recognized for the AMAZING artistic talent that you are! I’m only sorry that I’ve not had a moment to keep up with ALL that you’ve been busy doing for ALL of us out here in SCRAPLAND! Thank you SO much for your generosity in sharing samples of your hard work!!!

    I’ve had you listed on the sidebar of my blog since finding you in March and am in search of a blinkie/banner of yours to post now that I know how to do it!!!

    Keep up the AWESOME work and your PAISLEY tote bag is FABULOUS!!! I hope to soon be working with MANY more of your WONDERFUL creations in the VERY near future!

    Linda 🙂

  6. Linda! What can I say. I’m speechless and that rarely happens. THANK YOU for your comment!!! It made my day! I’m SO glad you liked the tote bag! We have the same taste! Stay tuned!

  7. Thank you so much for the sample, can’t wait to play. Your work looks amazing and wonderful quality.

  8. I have been drawing paisley designs for weeks now…they are so tough to get right! so imagine my joy when i opened your email… awesome!!!!

  9. I just LOVE paisley designs and can’t wait to download these free brushes – thanks so much for making them available 🙂 I do have a question, though – I only have PSE 6 – will these brushes still work in my program?

    TIA – kimB

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