The value of time

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The value of time

Paisley Designs Wall Clock

I was just sitting at the terrace the other day, enjoying the quiet afternoon when distant vibrant of the church bells reminded me on one thing that none of us can buy. Time.

We all need time and the time must be the most precious gift that we were given. We need to be careful on how we spend it because there is no warehouse or shopping mall where we can go for more. We can’t even return the misused time and ask to replace it with a new one.

So, that afternoon I was taking rest after the night spent by my PC making the latest Paisleys designs PS Brushes set. (These were probably one of the most demanding designs I ever did. Complicated and beautiful at the same time). I felt good. Also, because I knew it will save time to many designers and Photoshop users.



So I also made a wall clock to fit the subject! With paisleys too! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The value of time

  1. You are SO darned creative girl!!! LOVE the clock and you are stirring up the restless crafter within me that has not had time to create anything with my hands but on the keyboard for the past year!!!

    I had signed up for your newsletter some time ago and kept waiting for NEW news that never came, so I finally headed over here a week or so ago and signed up for your feed. Now, I am being FED the MOST amazing goodies directly into my inbox!!! LOL!

    A continued THANKS for ALL that you do to INSPIRE and EQUIP the digital community Ms. Silvia!!!

    Linda 🙂

  2. Linda,
    Thanks again for your great feedback! Newsletter will come soon, theres just so many things I have to do …

  3. LOL!!! How appropriate a message for our topic, TIME! I just read through your entire post and you are SO correct in the way you have expressed it!

    I’m just SO happy to have reconnected with your WONDERFUL site and hope to never lose track of you again!!! I, too, get lost in my projects and there just never seems to be enough of that precious commodity called TIME! Well, actually, I suppose it’s just my needing to continue to learn how to use it MORE wisely and/or to STOP doing SO much! Although, I just don’t see that happening anytime soon!

    Linda 🙂

  4. Thanks for commenting this post. For a moment I thought that nobody was really interested in the subject. Thousands of visitors every day and no comment ….

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