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Breath Of Freedom

“Modern age has been stealing my time away from me. Now I’m stealing it back.” Today, I will write about the importance of being a rebel. At least occasionally. The importance of taking the time for your self. “Stealing” your own time back. “I’m gonna take the day off from my daily duties.” Sounds like […]

Journal Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Brushes on Clocks

Guys,I get so happy and excited when I learn about new start-up business that came out as a result of love and passion for graphic design or scrapbooking or any other form of visual arts! My pleasure is even bigger when I know that my Photoshop brushes had a role in such project and I […]

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The value of time

I was just sitting at the terrace the other day, enjoying the quiet afternoon when distant vibrant of the church bells reminded me on one thing that none of us can buy. Time. We all need time and the time must be the most precious gift that we were given. We need to be careful […]

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