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Using Photoshop brushes in Movie DVD Cover Design

Yep. The times are tough. But, even in toughest times, the darkest hours in human history, people were still creating, making art. So, when a friend of mine approached me and asked for help in creating design of the DVD cover for their latest non-profit movie, I was more than happy to help. My friend’s […]


Video Tutorials: Using Photoshop Brushes and PNG files in Photoshop Elements

Guys,I received sooo many questions about using Photoshop brushes with Photoshop Elements that I just had to go and make a video tutorials on that topic. Now, I need to add that I’m totally not surprised that Photoshop elements is so popular these days. It is a great piece of software and unless you are […]

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Photoshop Brushes on Clocks

Guys,I get so happy and excited when I learn about new start-up business that came out as a result of love and passion for graphic design or scrapbooking or any other form of visual arts! My pleasure is even bigger when I know that my Photoshop brushes had a role in such project and I […]

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Using Photoshop Brushes in Web Design

Image on the left is the original. And my blog (graphics-illustrations.com) is the re-vamped version of it.Today, I was thinking about showing you how Photoshop brushes can be used in web design. To be more specific in web re-design. Or to be even more, like, truly specific, in re-design of a WordPress theme. So, since […]


How to Install and Use Brushes in Photoshop (basics+video)

During the last few days I received a number of questions on installation and usage of the Photoshop brushes. So, here is a short tutorial on installation and usage 🙂 Please note: This tutorial is made on a PC. Since all Photoshop Brushes are Mac compatible, the procedure to install them onto Mac is similar. […]

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