Using Photoshop brushes in Movie DVD Cover Design

Photoshop Brushes and DVD Cover Design
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Using Photoshop brushes in Movie DVD Cover Design

Yep. The times are tough. But, even in toughest times, the darkest hours in human history, people were still creating, making art. So, when a friend of mine approached me and asked for help in creating design of the DVD cover for their latest non-profit movie, I was more than happy to help.

My friend’s cousin is film director… she directs short movies without dialogues. Her last movie is named “Wolfgirl”… it speaks about human race, nature, animals and their relation-ship.

So, I was really happy to make a cover design for her movie:

DVD Cover and Photoshop brushes

This is the back side of the disc, here is what it says:

When the girl meets the wolf in the woods, a whole new universe is created where everything  becomes possible.
Short movie without dialogue. Only a bit of howling and maybe roar or two 🙂

DVD Cover and Photoshop brushes

Of course, I put my brushes where my mouth, sorry, design is 🙂

So, in this design, I used one free Photoshop brushes set: Leafy Photo Masks, set of 6 brushes in three sizes available to Gold and Platinum GreenBulbGang.Com members (more info on GBG memberships)


a vector set named “Floral”:

Floral Vector set

Floral Vector set (30)

Buy Now! Floral Vector set

30 brand new Floral Shapes come in:
1. .ai (of course Adobe Illustrator brush, all CS versions)
2. .eps format
3. .cdr (Corel 8.0 up to newer versions)
4. .psd (Photoshop 7.0 up to newer versions)
5. .png (so you can easily use them in any photo editing software)
6. .ai (Vector format for Adobe Illustrator 8 onwards)

Click here for preview:
Illustrator Brushes - Vector Floral Shapes set, 30

I will make sure to provide a link to this movie as soon as it becomes available on line. I’ve seen it (of course) and I liked it a lot. It is a “zero budget, lot of time” movie with two characters, little girl and a dog. It was shot with Canon 5D Mark II camera and I just loved it. Now it will be sent to different competitions for this kind of movies and I wish it very best!

OK. I hope I showed you yet another way to apply Photoshop brushes. After four years of writing about Photoshop brushes I still haven’t exhausted all options. So, enjoy them, play with them, make commercial and non-commercial projects with them and, most of all, have fun creating!


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