New Photoshop Brushes: Photo Masks (4+4)!

FREE Download Photo Masks Photoshop brushes set
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New Photoshop Brushes: Photo Masks (4+4)!

OK, Gang!

In my last post I showed you how to use Photoshop brushes as photo masks. And that turned out to be cool.

I mean whether you are into scrap booking or wedding photography or just graphic design, for sure, sooner or later you will be in the position to do some cool stuff with photo masks.

So, I thought, why not make some brand new Photoshop brushes that will be especially useful for photo masks.

And, here they are, my dear friends, gang members and visitors. Totally FREE Photoshop brushes set “PHOTO MASKS”. Last week you learned how to use them here are some free downloads so you can practice :))

New Photoshop Brushes: Photo Masks (4+4)!

There are four of them and each comes in two sizes. You can get them in ABR file (1.5Mb) or you can get them in ZIP file. Also, there are 8 PNG files in ZIP, so you can get them too.

CU (Commercial License) included, compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5, MAC and PC.

Have fun creating!
S 😀

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15 thoughts on “New Photoshop Brushes: Photo Masks (4+4)!

  1. Thank you for the tutorial on how to use the brushes. I found your site through Digishoptalk. If you can, please email me how I can receive your gift of more brushes. I am off to try these out.

    Thanks again

  2. micki!
    Thank you so much for your message. Especially the “sunflower hugs”, you know, sunflower has a special meaning in my life. I held it at my wedding 🙂
    I hope there will be no need for you to visit doctors in the future and that all will be well!

  3. These masks look real good. It is nice that you showed what they look like with the photo over or under. I don’t know which. I am going to look back on your site to see if I can find the tutorial. I found this post looking through Digifree.
    Thank you.

  4. thanks for your free masks… you have a very nice website with a lot of nice things… I got to your website by visiting Digifree.

  5. I found your site by doing a search for PS brushes and just hunting around. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. Look forward to your e-mails. I just know it will be interesting.

  6. It’s been so long that I honestly cannot remember how I came across your site. However, I absolutely love your work and appreciate all that you have contributed to the visual arts community! God bless you!

  7. Have enjoyed your GreenBulb Gang newsletter and website/blog. Found it through digi scrapbooking and searching for brushes. Always enjoy what you have to say–especially the last tutorial on brushes and masking. THank you. L

  8. I found you because another designer told me about your great brushes I have loved your newsletter and work, thanks!

  9. I found you with searching for photoshop brushes. Its a pitty that the 5 days offer is gone 🙁 It happens my al the time. I will keep you is track al the way from Holland.
    Thanks for sharing (in the future)

  10. found your site while browsing Can’t wait to try out some of your techniques, brushes and frames.

  11. I was looking in the scrapartist cafe on how’d you do that and just loved the photomasks that you offered in July, so I thought I’d check them out now. Sorry to have missed them, they look really cool. I’m excited about your newsletter and just signed up! Thanks so much!!

  12. OMG! YOur stuff is awsome! I found you while searching for info on making wedding invitations. I have been checking out your website and can’t get enough. I signed up for the newsletter and look forward to all the new creations I can make. THANK YOU! You are now one of my new favorites!!

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