Wood Hand Made Diaries

I’ve discovered a whole bunch of interesting stuff while packing for the removal (don’t we all)!

But, when I run into the hand made diaries I made few years ago I just had to take a picture of them and publish on my blog before putting them back in the box.

Actually I was making those for sale and they were selling quite well on the coast, but for some reason the gallery that sold them closed and since I am not much of a manager or sales person myself I just took what’s left of my unsold stuff and put them in the box to wait for some better days.

I remember I was enjoying making those diaries sooo much.

I did all of it by hand. From cutting the paper and wooden cover, painting the covers, making the photographs, editing photographs and printing them on the canvas and then putting them on the cover of the diary…

Then, on the top of it all I put a final layer of the transparent varnish and voila – the diary was born.

OK, I hope you like these diaries, maybe some of you got an idea to do something like that by yourself, should that be the case feel free to contact me with questions or if you need an advice.

Back to packing for removal now.

Take care,

Keep your fingers crossed for my removal tomorrow.
I know it will be fast, smooth and problem less but still I won’t mind having some extra positive energy from you guys. Thanks in advance!

Hand made diary

A tip for photographers: the photos on the covers of the diaries are decorated with Swirls Floral brushes set