Google and Graphics-Illustrations.Com

What can I say? I was so happy when I realized that Google raised the ranking of this site to PR3! Happy, the least to say.

What does it mean – Page Ranking PR3?

Simply put, it means that Google trusts this site, it means that Google appreciates the fact that I am making original content, unique posts and that I publish my own brushes here. Google realized that I’m not just aggregating other people’s work here.

Also, it means that advertisers will want to, well, advertise more on this site because links from PR3 sites are quite valuable :).

But, above all, this confirms that I am on the right track being persistent, for a third year now, creating new and original content, Photoshop brushes, vector illustrations, backgrounds, tutorials and other useful stuff.

So, thank you Google, thank you visitors and I hope to see PR4 really soon :))

Google and Graphics-Illustrations.Com

In the meantime, enjoy this site, join Green Bulb Gang and free downloads that we offer.

Love you all,