PS brushes in action – Paper design and the featured artist of the day

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PS brushes in action – Paper design and the featured artist of the day

I did not have to wait for too long to hear from you guys. The response I got from designers and artists who use my brushes in their work was great. But, don’t let that discourage you, send me your works, or links to your works where you used my brushes and will feature them here on this blog (remember 3000+ visitors daily).

So, the first artist of the day, ladies and gentleman, is Kathi! Kathy used Swirls Floral brushes set in her paper design:

Paper design and the featured artist of the day

Kathi sells her designs at Funky Playground Designs, and these indeed are beautiful designs.

I’m always happy to hear how designers are using my brushes for their designs. I’m even happier when I learn that they successfully sell their designs. Not because they make money with it, but because selling means recognition. When they sell their staff it is a recognition. A proof that they’re good at what they do. And the fact that my brushes helped them achieve that, that’s makes me even more happy!

Not to mention how happy these designers are when their work gets recognized 🙂

So, stay well, in my next post I will write about another great artist that successfully applies Photoshop brushes in their work. In the meantime, check for more Photoshop brushes and other design resources, I’m sure you’ll find interesting stuff for your future designs.

And… don’t forget about the most important thing: Have fun creating!


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