Yet another great example of Photoshop brushes usage

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Yet another great example of Photoshop brushes usage

As I promised, today I will present you another great artist that uses Photoshop brushes in their work.

This time we talk about Courtney from Her blog is a great resource for scrapbook kits and I love her work!

And I will say no more. Here is what she said:

“I found your brushes back before I started designing. I love them and am always amazed at the variety. I use your brushes in almost everything I do, but this is my most recent and most favorite paper and some stickers using your Floral DUO brushes.

Thanks to your inspiration, I was just offered a position as a digital scrapbook designer.

Thank you so much!


What can I say? I’m speechless! If this is not a reason for happiness than I don’t know what is. Courtney, you just made one person happy! Thank you!

And here is one small sample of her work, a paper where she used my Floral DUO brushes! Isn’t it great?!

Courtney Paper made with Floral DUO brushes

And one more:

Love ya’


And if you want to see what Floral DUO Photoshop brush set is all about, read about them in this post:

Photoshop Brushes Floral DUO Set – A Whole New Concept

Yesterday, we were delighted to introduce Kathi in the article: “Paper Design and the Featured Artist of the Day.” Reach out to me, and I’ll gladly showcase them on this blog. Meanwhile, feel free to drop by my Etsy shop for a visit. Thank you!

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