Photoshop Brushes Floral DUO Set – A Whole New Concept

Floral Photoshop Brushes Duo
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Photoshop Brushes Floral DUO Set – A Whole New Concept

I was minding my own business the other day, just working on some new brushes for you guys when suddenly, out of the blue, this idea just landed on my shoulder!

dual floral photoshop brushes

“Dual! Dual brushes! Combine two different brush shapes to get a third one!”
Now that would be something!

Cool dude!

I said to my self,

That’s, like … I haven’t seen anything like this before. So, that makes me a pioneer! Great! I love it! Let’s get on to it!

So, after some doodling (as you can see at the left) I set down by my good old PC (still can’t afford Mac) and started to work. And I worked, and worked, and worked until it was dawn and it was all done and brushes were ready and VOILA:

Floral Photoshop Brushes Duo!

First set of the new Photoshop Brushes patent invented by

So, what is this all about?

Each of the brushes in this set can be paired with another brush from the same set and two of them together create a third brush. Each of the brushes can be used individually. And that’s not all, different flower stalks and leaves are also included in the set so you finally get to create your perfect floral shape.

Now, how cool is that!

Simple, no? Like all the greatest innovations in the world, it had to be simple.

OK, I’m patting my own shoulder a bit, but I can’t help it. I’m just happy to come out with this and I’m sure many of you will benefit from this new Photoshop brushes system.

So, why wait, Floral Duo Brushes are here, all yours, ready to be deployed in your current and future graphic design projects!


All of the brushes that are offered here are unique and available only here. As for now, this blog is the only blog that offers “Dual” system brushes. And if you get to see others in the future – know that I came up with it 🙂 Now, that really makes me proud.

Application? You name it: print design, wedding invitations, all kind of invitations, scrap booking, web design, business card design….

Get the Floral Brushes Duo Now and benefit from this whole new concept of creating and using Photoshop brushes!

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7 thoughts on “Photoshop Brushes Floral DUO Set – A Whole New Concept

  1. Damn, you’ve done a great job on these! A real visual feast. My scrapbook pages will benefit from them. Thank you so much!

    Good luck getting enough sales for that Mac!

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