Thoughts Emotions And Art

Love grows on trees
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Thoughts Emotions And Art

Hello again, gang!

Have you every thought of something, but the thoughts were so loud that you felt like you should shout them, but if you shout them out people might think you are crazy?


I didn’t think so.

Anyways, just in case anyone ever felt like this, here is what works for me (except shouting). Making a big poster with my thoughts on it. A message, text, colors, shapes – message. Here is what I feel. On the poster. On the wall. I just stick it there so it does all the shouting for me.

If you are reading this, you probably are a person that enjoys visual arts. Artists, their job is to express what and how they feel. If they do it good – they become successful … NOT! 🙂 If they have a good agent and PR, then they become successful. I personally believe that there is an artist in everyone of us. The moment you start expressing your emotions on paper, with words, or graphical shapes or in any other way which leaves a trace, you are an artist. And that makes pretty much all of us.

Love grows on trees

This is why we can’t create just at any time. We need to feel the need to express something and then we express it through art. Just imagine how much more beautiful this world would if all people expressed their, for instance, anger, with arts. Painting, digital painting, music, sculpturing … their focus would, at some stage, just shift from anger to the process of creation of art.

So, this is what I did today. Here is my little poster. I’m gonna send it over to one of my favorite online printing companies, they print it out for me, I will stick it to the wall and it will stay there for as long as I feel it says what I think.

Love you all gang! Stay cool and create stuff!


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