Adobe Illustrator Symbols: Christmas Set

Free Download: Christmas / New Year Illustrator Symbols
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Adobe Illustrator Symbols: Christmas Set


A big SORRY goes to all of you Illustrator fans. Why? You know why! Because it’s been too long since I posted a Illustrator freebie on my blog.

Anyways, this day has come and today I am proud and happy to offer you my latest creation Adobe Illustrator Christmas & New Year Symbols set. These symbols are compatibile with: Adobe Illustrator CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5.

This is what the symbols you are about to download look like:

Adobe Illustrator Christmas & New Year Symbols set - Free Download

Here is the download link:

Now, what else is going on?

Very IMPORTANT (even if it is at the end of the post it is still very important:

Don’t forget – our Christmas Graphics Contest is still open!

So, if you have a good Christmas graphics idea – don’t just let it hang out in your head doing nothing!

Put it on your digital canvas and send it over! Or even if you think that your idea is not so good – send it anyway. I bet it’s good!

Also, you just might be the lucky winner of our brand new product – Video Photo Album!

And even if you don’t win, you still won! You won the fun of creating graphics (and that’s what we’re here for in’nit?) and you won the attention and the hearts of thousands of visitors of our Facebook fan page and this blog who will enjoy your work!

And you are welcome to discover the charm of the holiday season with one of the latest free download: “Photoshop Christmas Card Templates“. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your greetings, these templates are designed to make your holiday card creation a breeze. Dive in now and start crafting your festive messages with elegance and ease!

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