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Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Cat Heads Photoshop Brushes (Free) and Chair Decoupage

I really like decoupage technique. Did you know that this technique started really early, and can be found in East Siberian tombs dated 300BC? I didn’t know that either… Of course, artisans in Italy, Florence, perfected the technique in 17th century and since then traditional decoupage technique consist of 30 to 40 layers of varnish. […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Halloween Watercolour Photoshop Brushes Set [Edition 2015]

Halloween Watercolour Photoshop Brushes Set [Edition 2015] It’s been a while since I made Photoshop brushes. It’s been a long time actually. As a matter of fact I am even reluctant to go back to my blog and try to find out when was the last time I made free Photoshop brushes for my own […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

May 2015 Desktop Calendar – feat. Swirled Trees Photoshop brushes

May the Fourth (be with you). Yet another perfect day. And almost the perfect time to present you the May 2015 Desktop Calendar. Btw. interesting coincidence, just before starting my work on this desktop calendar, I was checking out if there are any particular important days of something in May. And guess what? Except for the 1st […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Roses Photoshop Brushes Set – Free Download

New Photoshop brushes set: Roses 🙂For many centuries Roses have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists from all around the world. In classical Egypt, for instance, we will find that roses were sacred to a number of Egyptian goddesses, this continued in ancient Greece and Rome who identified rose with the goddess of love. It […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

“You’re looking for obstacles rather than looking for magic.”

Photoshop brushes: Watercolor Circles FREE  download .._.. First of all, for those if you who are not interested in reading the full story behind the Watercolor Circles free Photoshop brushes, the download link is down at the bottom of this post, in the P.S. It is a direct download link. No registrations. No commercials. No nothing. Just “click and […]

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