Be different! Be among the first in this new revolution! Say NO to the tyranny of the new age called Christmas shopping pressure. Marketing companies see you as a sheep that only needs to work – earn and spend. But, guess what, it doesn’t say anywhere that you have to spend money for Christmas!!! I checked in the Bible the other day. I checked the Constitution as well. You DON’T NEED TO SPEND MONEY FOR CHRISTMAS. Nothing bad will happen to you.

To give to the ones you love is fine. It’s cool, but here is another good news – they will appreciate the time you took to make something for them with your own hands. They will appreciate it, that’s for sure.

Make a picture, a drawing, a poem or frame a photography. Make a cake or prepare a dinner surprise. Think think think! Don’t just rush in some super-store and spend spend spend just because everyone does it!

Be creative. Be yourself. Don’t be a sheep just following the herd.

Here you can download gift cards (or little greeting cards: 2,55″x3,7″) and print them (9 cards – one paper sheet A4 or letter size). Cut them on the lines, fold on the dashed lines and make them yours.

Little greeting cards or gift cards, free download