Photoshop brush ransom note

Ransom Note Photoshop brushes
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Photoshop brush ransom note

Here is a good idea on how to make a birthday party invitations – use this Ransom Note Photoshop brushes and put together a following note:

“If you don’t show up at my birthday party at date XX:XX:XX place XXXXX I will be extremely disappointed and apart from that there will be no other consequences whatsoever.”

Ransom Note Photoshop brushes
Ransom Note Photoshop brushes

OK. I know it would be much better to use the similar ransom font, but hey! I had to make some kind of introduction and you must admit that the idea itself has a glimpse of humor in it, innit?

Another usage of this brushes would be Digital Scrapbooking!
To make the long story short, the only limit is your imagination. Let me know how you used it, gimme some feedback and let’s share the ideas!

If there was more free brushes like this – this world would be a better place.

Of course you are always free to utilize the appreciation button in the right hand corner of this blog. But, even if you don’t it’s fine. I have this nice neighbor that let’s me eat the leftovers of his lunch 🙂 Appreciation button removed!


P.S. Last week, I crafted a collection of Halloween images and a Floral Doodle Photoshop brushes set, available for you to download at no cost. Additionally, I want to seize this moment to remind you that October is not just about ghostly celebrations; it’s a pivotal time for raising awareness about breast cancer. As we rally together in this fight, let’s also not overlook another critical battle – combating animal cruelty!

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8 thoughts on “Photoshop brush ransom note

  1. Hey Silvia. I love these brushes. I want to start a brand of my own as Im a designer so I was thinking of using this ransom font as the brand name logo for my brand. Hope you will allow me to do so.

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