Download Paper Backgrounds

Download Paper Backgrounds
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Download Paper Backgrounds

“Download paper backgrounds.” What a dull heading. I mean, surely, this post contains some pretty cool paper backgrounds for download, but …

… I wanted to name it something else. I wanted to name it: “Some Thoughts on Happiness and “Shanghai-shoes”.

Download Paper Backgrounds

Now, the free paper backgrounds download link is just down below. You will see the “Download Paper Backgrounds” button somewhere near the end of this article. Pretty big button, can’t really miss it. So, if you’d like to skip my funny article, go ahead, just download the paper backgrounds I hope you will enjoy them. For the rest of you who’d like to read this totally cool article, well, read on …

Ok, for those two of you who stayed and are willing to bare with me through this totally cool article – thank you for staying. I should give you something as a reward. Actually, you know what?! I will give you something. Here is the link to another paper backgrounds set with little birdies and, as a reward for bearing with me, these are yours. This what you get and they don’t. Ha!

What am I doing? Where was I? Ah, the Shanghai-shoes and the precious emotion of happiness. The inspiration came to me  as I walked thorough the field of grass in my front yard. I stopped at some point. Looked down at my **Shanghai-shoes (please read the explanation below) and the grass and the flowers. And, for some reason, I just felt happy. I had to take a picture of that. So, in the header you can see the image of happiness. Maybe it was not your first thought when you looked at it, but, well, that’s how I perceive happiness.

And the happiness is the meaning of life.

(That’s if you ask me. Let me know if you have a better idea on our purpose here :))

OK. That’s it. I hope I managed to transmit the message of happiness. It was nothing else, just a sunny day, some green grass and a flower. That’s all it took for me to detect happiness somewhere within my chest. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Anyways, here is the free paper backgrounds download, I hope you will like them and enjoy them and make some pretty cool stuff with them.

Download Paper Backgrounds

OK. Now, that’s really it. I hope you liked the post, the downloads and well talk soon!



About the term “Shanghai shoes

**Please note that the term “Shanghai-shoes” is copyrighted as I came up with it ;). Maybe. Or at least I never heard of Shanghai-shoes before so, in my mind, I came up with it 😉

But you can use that term, ok. Just don’t tell anyone else about it. Let’s make it a secret code of ours “Shanghai-shoes”, have you ever been to Shanghai, by the way? I haven’t. I’d rather go to Norway if you ask me. Not that there is anything wrong with Shanghai, of course. It’s just that I am more of a “Norway” type. OK. So much about the “Shanghai shoes”. Talk soon and – feel the happiness, it sits there in your chest waiting for you to notice it. 🙂

Oh, and if you need a solution for loading vectors into Photoshop, check out this tutorial: Loading Vectors into Photoshop.

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6 thoughts on “Download Paper Backgrounds

  1. The shoes are totally cool. Did you paint them? And if you’re wearing Shanghai Shoes, does that give you an excuse to eat Chinese food?

    1. @Kelly no, it wasn’t me who painted them (I was lucky enough to find them like that in the store) and when it comes to china food, ehm, I’m not really a fan, at least when it comes to the meaty part of the menu. 🙂

  2. Beside all the great stuff you create and share, I always enjoy your articles – always funny, always witty 😉

  3. Thank you Mojca, Angelika, Tammy… 🙂

    Oh, Florida? Thank you!!! 🙂 same here, if you ever find yourself in Croatia – we always have a spare room for guests 😀


  4. Sylvia – Thanks so much for your hysterical article! I LOVED reading it! I found your post in “The Happy Place” at Plain Digital Wrapper and came over… I HAD to read about your Shanghai-Shoes… and just laughed and laughed! Thanks for sharing your happiness with the world! I love the backgrounds too! I look forward to reading more! xoxo, Kim in Australia!

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