Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining


Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

So, thanks to my frustration about the blurry thumbnails on my product page (generated by WooCommerce) and due to the fact that I shared my frustration in the blog post, I found out that there are more than 2 followers of my blog.

So, thank you Lisa for your email. Thank you Kim. Sue, thanks for comments. Once again. There is now four of us and that’s quite comforting.

I mean I had no problem writing just for myself. As far as I’m concerned that’s what I’ve been doing most of the time, but, of course it makes writing much more meaningful when someone actually reads what you write.

I know, “Some have millions of followers and you are happy with just three? (Sue, Kim and Lisa).” Well, yes! How many of these mega popular bloggers know the names of all of their followers? None. And they don’t care. With so many followers you become self sufficient.

So, yes, if WooCommerce did not make such lousy thumbnail generator, I would not receive that support email from Lisa. So, thank you Lisa.

Regarding the lousy thumbnails, I removed them and now there is only white gap on the page. Looks ugly, but not as ugly as it did with those blurry thumbnails. Now I am looking for a way to either create a “clean” html page from scratch or customize the existing one of WooCommerce. But this one is tricky because you need to know some php to do that and I am not much of a programmer.

Anyways, every cloud has a silver lining as the proverb says, I’m kinda less frustrated now. Will find a solution to this problem one way or another and all is cool!

Love you all! Enjoy your Friday, weekend is coming and party time is here!

Love you all,


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