Mystery Of Blurred Thumbnails Turns Out Not To Be Mystery At All

WooCommerce generates blurry product thumbnails
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Mystery Of Blurred Thumbnails Turns Out Not To Be Mystery At All

** Update – The WooCommerce generated thumbnails have been removed in the meantime. At this point I am looking for a way to change the layout of the product page so that this huge white space in the middle of the screen is gone **

At first, I was frustrated. Then, almost angry. Then miserable. And now … I don’t know. Kinda resigned, I guess.

Look at this screenshot.

WooCommerce generates blurry product thumbnails
WooCommerce generates blurry product thumbnails

I know. Maybe I should have worn you before. It is a graphic content. You need to have a stomach to look at something link that.
Basically, this shocking image represents the WooCommerce generated thumbnails that should represent the products which are included in my latest bundle.
Hell of a way to present something you’re proud of, isn’t it?

I know, I sound bitter. And this is a bitter post. First of all, because there absolutely nothing I can do to fix it. If someone who is not aware of the quality my work comes to my shop and sees this, they will run, run fast and never come back. I know. I would do that.

How can WooCommerce do something like that?

Well, WooCommerce started as a platform for selling tangible items, like t-shirts, shoes and stuff. So, if thumbnails were a little blurry, who cares, buyers know they won’t get a blurry shoes in the box.

But, for digital products, for selling graphics – this is totally unacceptable. And I feel kinda desperate.  I know, I stated that it is a mystery in the title of the post, but, after some research I found out that it is not mystery at all:

  1. WooCommerce generates such thumbnails automatically
  2. For them it is ok
  3. There is nothing a shop owner can do about that

So, well, I am not sure what to do about this. If I remove the thumbnails I will get a huge white area on the left side of the page and this too will not look good.

Yep, that’s what psychologists call a frustration.

I could scream as loud as I want:

“It is not my fault! You will not get blurry images if you purchase my products. No! They will be sharp! Very sharp! Razor sharp!”

But to what avail. Noone reads this posts anyways. Except for Kim. Thank you Kim. You understand my frustration.

Well, anyways. Life goes on. I will probably remove these “thumbnails” and just leave a huge white space there. It will still be ugly but less ugly than this.

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3 thoughts on “Mystery Of Blurred Thumbnails Turns Out Not To Be Mystery At All

  1. I do not normally comment on posts, but this one in a way requires one. I, for one have been buying products from Silvia for a few years. Her products are very high quality and worth so much more than the prices she asks. Take the time to look at her other shops, download a free sample or whatever and the quality will speak for itself. Don’t let a bad thumbnail influence your opinion of her work.

    1. Dear Kim! Thanks so much for your kind words.

      I am also looking for a different solution. The way WooCommerce creates thumbnails is completely unacceptable.

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