Free Christmas Photo Card Templates

Free Christmas Photo Card Template
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Free Christmas Photo Card Templates

DISCLAIMER: The photo of the young happy couple on the Christmas Photo Card Template may look a bit boring. Please note that these guys there, they are just a placeholder. And I think they are models. They probably don’t even know each other. So, replace them. I promise to put my own photo next time. (Not a photo of me but a photo I made.) So these guys should be ok for the time being. Anyways, as I said, just put something else there. 

Why Free Christmas Photo Templates?

And why not? 🙂

Haha! Now seriously. I am giving away this free Christmas Photo Templates because I always give something for free to show the quality of my work. I knew you knew that but still.

It’s something like free samples of the perfume you get at the, well, perfume shop. Also, some people would like to dive into the magical world of DiY and visual expression but can’t afford to buy full packs, so, well, this is for them too.

So, without further ado, there below you will see the “Download” button. If you hit it this free sample will be downloaded to your computer. (PC, Mac… Commodore, ZX Spectrum… 🙂 Just kidding about the last two. They were invented and disappeared long before we came up with Internet.

Free download – Christmas photo card templates (4 PNG),  1500×2100 px, 5″x7″ at 300 dpi + .125 inches bleed area! Click on the button below to download it.

How to use Christmas Photo Card Templates?

Well, these are PNG files. Meaning, you can open them in any decent photo or image editor that supports layers. Any version too. I would assume most of you guys use Photoshop, but the principle is the same for any other application you may use.

As I mentioned in the disclaimer at the beginning of this blog post, this young couple should be replaced with your own favorite photo. So, just open your own photo (or any other visual content/design/art) and lay the photo template above it.

That’s it. Done.

Pack with 4 photo card templates

Christmas Photo Card Templates

The image above is clickable.

OK. This post is already getting too long. I hope it wasn’t too boring. I also hope you will like this Free Christmas Photo Card Templates. And if you did, stop by my shop at Etsy – FiveCatsGraphics.

Have fun creating, enjoy this time with your family, friends and people you love. Hug them, kiss them and that’s the best thing any of us can do at all times, not just the Christmas season, but the Christmas season is the best time for some bonus love 🙂

Love you all,


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