I was just getting ready to become depressed as nothing interesting was happening today and it was just about to became… boring? until few hours ago I run into that shoemoney blog.

It seemed like every blogger in the universe knows about that guy except for me. OK, I am a designer and a photographer so I guess It’s forgivable. Anyways, if he is to be trusted it seems like that guy is making some serious money with his blog which, of course, grabbed my attention.

Now, among other stuff that he does, he also takes a pictures of himself. A lot. I don’t know, maybe some think he’s sexy being bold with glasses and all. Anyway, if he gets all that attention (like thousands of visitors every day) I thought it would be nice if he published a picture of him self wearing a T-Shirt with my logo on it.

So, to cut the short story long (or was it the other way around) I decided to send him a T-Shirt with my logo on it and let him make one his “Free Shirt Friday” post using it. He gets a shirt and I get exposure.

I was just figuring this whole thing out when the following funny spam email popped in (what a laugh!):

“Award Claim

This is to inform you that your email ID has won US$1,000,000. 00 in the first category of our computer ballot email lottery with the said winning numbers giving below;

Ticket Number: 132/756/40027
Batch Number:VNFL/2986542754/AAF

Contact the claim dept office:
E-Mail: ecoworldintern3@aim.com, ecoworldintern4@aim.com
TEL: +31-610-698-963

You are also advice to provide the following information:
Ticket And Batch

Mrs. Mariam Dominquez.

I’m rich!!! I’m a millionaire!!! Despite the fact that I never played that freakin’ lottery, that woman found me and decided to give me one million dollars! Now, how lucky is that! 🙂