Is AI Generated Art “Less Worthy”? (Part Two)

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Is AI Generated Art “Less Worthy”? (Part Two)

In our last article we were discussing “pure AI Generated Art and AI Assisted art and we were trying to figure out what really matter when it comes to art anyway.

We touched upon the differences between “pure” AI-Generated Art and AI-Assisted Art.

The difference between those two is in the prompt.

For example, if you ask DALL·E 3 to “Surprise you”, well – this will be AI Generated Art. (I will not put any examples here because I am not really interested in “pure” AI Generated Art. What will happen here is that AI will just apply some random algorithm and create a random image. May be good, doesn’t have to be. Who’s to say. Anyways, as I said, that is not really the topic in this article.

However, AI Assisted Art – well that’s something different.

Because, if you approach the same agent (Agent Smith aka DALL·E 3) with detailed instructions on what you want, you may get something like this [clicking on the image will take you to my Redbubble shop]:

A vintage 1955 Chevy pickup truck rests in a sun-dappled forest clearing, its faded paint and weathered surfaces hinting at countless adventures.
DALL·E 3 prompt: “Please make the following photography: Type: Monochromatic/brown Van Dyke process. Ethereal. Autumn. Dawn. Weather: clear sky couple of clouds Format: 1:1 Lense: close-up, low shot, detailed, Very sharp Subject: 1955 Chevy Pickup abandoned in wood, some leaves have fallen onto it, the cars metal is eaten away by rust, Reclaimed by nature, Weather-beaten, Tire-flattened, Window-shattered, The car’s headlights are in a state of disarray due to the shattered glass Ivy.”

Well, that would be AI Assisted art.

So, for the first time in (known) history, we are able to materialize our ideas for visual arts using words.

Revolutionary, right?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”

Isn’t this thing that is going on with AI now quite similar to this verse from the Bible? According to the Bible God created everything using words. Even more, “Word was God“. AI enables us to create, well not everything, but in this case, well we can create images, photos, pictures of landscapes and fantasy worlds – just using our words. As tools.

Who knows what’s next.

Also, in our previous articles, we were discussing the analogy of words as tools, just as cameras or brushes and watercolor cameras are tools to create art too.

However, the strongest argument of the AI Generated Art opponents could be the fact that AI is trained on other artists works which basically makes AI some kind of a plagiarist. Could be. But doesn’t have to.

Because, although, at the first glance, that is a strong argument (indeed, if AI LLM never learned, if it was was never trained on other (human) artists works, it would not be able to create anything) on the other hand, human-artists are also influenced, one way or another by other artists work.

Yes, but humans can create completely original, authentic and unique styles.” I hear you say. Well, guess what – AI can too, especially if we help and guide it. We can invent new style and get AI to materialize it. It won’t be easy but it is doable. Actually, I plan to do something like that in one of the future articles.

Anyways, long story short, if you have a vision and know how to explain it to AI in order to see it materialized – go for it. I can’t see anything wrong with it. That’s what I did with this old Chevy abandoned in the woods.

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