May 2015 Desktop Calendar – feat. Swirled Trees Photoshop brushes

May 2015 Desktop Calendar - feat. Swirled Trees Photoshop brushes
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May 2015 Desktop Calendar – feat. Swirled Trees Photoshop brushes

May the Fourth (be with you). Yet another perfect day. And almost the perfect time to present you the May 2015 Desktop Calendar.

Vector Design - A Perfect Day

Btw. interesting coincidence, just before starting my work on this desktop calendar, I was checking out if there are any particular important days of something in May. And guess what? Except for the 1st of May which is the international workers day (Labour Day), on 18th of May we have the International Day of Capitalism?! Weird. I had no idea we had such a day. In the same month we have workers and capitalists day. Regardless of who thinks what about capitalism, I believe that, just like me, you are not a big fan of huge international corporations. I always believed in individuals and small enterprises and I always thought of my blog and my shop as a “next door design store” for people like me who like to know the person who produced the stuff they sell.

Among other reasons, I am all for supporting small business and artists who are trying to make it on their own in the corporate world.

All in all, if you are doing something by yourself or if you are trying to remain independent in this corporate world then we are in the same team and that is that.

For this desktop calendar I used the free vector design download from my previous post because I figured if my previous post was about the perfect day, why not turn it into the desktop calendar for the perfect month?

In this design I used vectors that were later on turned into Photoshop brushes called “Swirled Trees”. These were always my big helpers when it came to overcoming the creative block. And, sooner or later, creative block knocks on everybody’s door. Photoshop brushes are still, after all these years, the most efficient tool I have to chase away these frustrating situations in the creative process.

So, without further ado, here is the download, I tried to prepare the desktop calendar in most popular screen formats and, hopefully, yours will be there too.

Download Desktop Wallpaper 1024×768
Download Desktop Wallpaper 1280×800
Download Desktop Wallpaper 1280×960
Download Desktop Wallpaper 1280×1024
Download Desktop Wallpaper 1440×900
Download Desktop Wallpaper 1600×1050
Download Desktop Wallpaper 1600×1200
Download Desktop Wallpaper 1920×1200
Download iPhone 4 Wallpaper
Download iPhone 5 Wallpaper
Download iPhone 6plus Wallpaper

Of course, as always, all of my brushes come with a commercial license so you can use them in your commercial projects.

May the fourth be with you and may this May be the perfect month for you 🙂


P.S.: Since you’re here, why not check out the Swirled Frames Photoshop brushes set? It’s yours for free.

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