What Do Vector Design And Treasuring Present Moment Have In Common?

Vector Design - A Perfect Day
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What Do Vector Design And Treasuring Present Moment Have In Common?

Why wait for that something to happen tomorrow? What’s so wrong with today that we are always focusing out attention to tomorrow (or, even worse, past) ?

I caught myself, again, a minute ago, thinking about how great would it be if one day … Aha!  (This is me talking to myself)Here you come again, trying to ruin this poor, helpless, present moment? No can do sir!” (it must be a man 😉 I am here to protect my present moment as of now on!


And, voilà! This present moment of me writing this blog became so perfect that it could not get much more perfect than this. (I am not sure if this is logically correct statement, but, well, you get what I mean.)

You know that Lou Reed song? “A Perfect Day”.

Well, this is it.

And if you don’t feel that your day is perfect, I think I can at least try to help. In the best way that I can. And this is, of course, I’ll sing you a song 🙂

Noooo 😉

You don’t want that. Believe me.

Well, I’ll just do what I do best. I will send you some good energy with this little free download which I called “Vector design – A perfect day” and you can use it to create bunch of stuff with it. For instance you can create a nice graphic and post it on someone else’s FB wall and someone day a little bit better (and maybe even perfect) and when you make someone’s day better, you make yourself a day better and voilà, here we go, we all have A Perfect Day!

How cool is that?!

If you feel even more adventurous you can head over to skinit.com and use it to create customized, well, almost anything. For that someone. Your mom for instance. (Mom’s day is soon, 10th of May right?)

So, well, here is the download, I don’t have much more to say on that topic right now. Or, to be completely honest, I could go on writing like this forever, but I justifiably doubt that any of you even got this far. (If you did, I’d really appreciate you just making a comment, saying “I got this far!”. It would mean a lot to me.

OK. That’s it. Here is the download, over and out, love you all!

Vector Design - A Perfect Day

Vector design – A Perfect Day (EPS, AI, CDR and JPG in one ZIP file)

Since you’ve made it this far, don’t miss out. Discover the enchanting Swirled Trees Photoshop Brushes Set. It’s a world of creativity waiting for you!



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